"Confirms the talent on such confident display in A Great Deliverance…The crisp, literate narration firmly draws us in."
-- The New York Times Book Review

"The characters are addictive…Do not pass up the chance to read…Ms. George."
-- The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Richly textural in setting, motivation and emotions, this impressive crime novel has the kind of authenticity of language and mood one would expect form an English author-aristocrat."
-- The Dallas Morning News

"Hard to see how George's well-textured blend of ingenious plotting, character depth and power can get any better."
-- The Hartford Courant

"George is a fine writer, sophisticated, knowledgeable and full of surprises…We are transported back to the Golden Age of Mystery."
-- The Boston Globe

"George has been aptly compared to P.D. James, and her similar attention to subtleties of character lifts this traditional whodunit out of the ordinary."
-- Chicago Sun-Times

"She invites comparison with both P.D. James and Ruth Rendell in the psychological interest of her characters and the intricacy and ingenuity of her plotting…A spectacular new voice in mystery writing."
-- Los Angeles Times

"George…excels at delivering surprises, but the heart of the book is the chemistry between Havers and Lynley."
-- The Sun, Baltimore

"There is much here to solve, three detective novels' worth in the hands of a lesser writer. In Payment in Blood, however, nothing even seems so much as cluttered."
-- The Washington Post Book World

Dallas Morning News Payment In Blood Washington Post
Lord Lynley's Well-Staged Return
by Carolyn Banks
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